Single Token Liquidity

Providing single token liquidity according to the market situation could be very profitable as it eliminates the chance of impermanent loss while still earning a fee over it. Scenario 1 mentioned above also gives an opportunity to get discounted LP position which could be very attractive for a single token liquidity provider to get in.

Flexible Liquidity Position

We offer an interactive dashboard to manage liquidity positions. We allow users to modify their LP position according to the market, this means a user might have started with a neutral market view, he can keep switching his liquidity position according to the market to increase the incentive and decrease the impermanent loss for him.
The dashboard helps understand how the liquidity position will be impacted in a certain market condition, this gives a clear picture to the users to manage liquidity for them

Portfolio Management

Swaps don’t give you a feel for how a centralized exchange works, one needs to know the profit he is making on a certain position of his trades to make further decisions on them. By minting position tokens we can make it possible for a user to create a portfolio and allow them to manage it right from the dashboard. Liquidity providers can also manage their liquidity position in a similar fashion, as they will be able to see how much profits they have made so far making it more manageable and realistic for a common user.