Gen-Z is oriented towards putting things out in public for recognition, whether it’s TikTok or Instagram, they put content out to show off their skills/lifestyle. The old finance was boring and was built by our grandparents. While blockchain is the new popping thing out there that makes them feel excited even about finance.
The platform lets people open and close positions and track their percentage profit on each trade, we propose to mint an interactive NFT on each profitable trade. It’s easy to track such profit as the time the LP token was minted, we add details of the price in the minted LP token. Once the user closes that position and if the system detects there is a profit, it mints an NFT for that user with the entire detail of the trade ( Percentage Profit, Time, Asset e.t.c ). This can be displayed through a dashboard to show off their good trades while also making them feel good once they make a profit. It’s a souvenir of a happy memory.
This also offers a future possibility to mint NFT coupons from different partners for a specific amount of trade values. Also, if the trader has its own community or is popular, the community will value such NFTs as they do with tweets or other digital NFTs.
Last modified 1yr ago