Ajeet Khurana wears many hats: former CEO of Zebpay, angel investor, mentor, TEDx speaker, steering committee of the NASSCOM Start-Up Warehouse, ex-advisor to Kalaari Capital, and former CEO of IIT Bombay’s business incubator, among others. Ajeet is presently a leading name in the startup ecosystem. Now Ajeet brings his vast professional networks, financial acumen, and digital mindset to help YNOT with customer acquisition, go-to-market, and financial engineering.
Mohit is a serial entrepreneur and highly passionate about innovation and technology. Being a hardcore programmer he loves creating products to solve simple problems. Mohit was on the founding team of Ethx- which was one of the first Ethereum exchanges of India. He is the founder and CEO of OroPocket and UniFarm.
Karan Vaswani is the CEO of The Chain Collective aimed to help projects on strategy, legal and regulatory issues, partnerships and fundraising.
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